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Analysis on improvement of seismic resistant structure of control valve in nuclear power plant

Analysis on improvement of seismic resistant structure of control valve in nuclear power plant

he basic function of automatic control valves has not changed in the past 50 years. Only improvements in fixed basic performance such as increased flow coefficient, reduced noise, reduced cavitation and improved flow characteristics. However, structural design characteristics change very slowly. Until the advent of nuclear energy, valve manufacturers had to consider the effects of external forces, such as earthquakes, when designing valves. This paper discusses the improvement of control valve from the point of view of seismic resistant design. Such as the selection of materials, driving device design and structural assembly, assembly of parts and so on.
The control valves used in nuclear power plants must be able to withstand the effects of earthquakes. In fact, this is a requirement for a broad set of federal regulations on the design, construction and operation of nuclear power plants in the United States. The 10CFFR50 is an acronym for the United States federal equipment production and use license, which lists the common design standards for nuclear power plants (GDC) in appendix A. "Nuclear power plant structures, devices and components must be designed to withstand earthquakes, tornadoes, wind storms... "And other natural phenomena. Other GDC can also be used as a reference to indicate the necessary conditions for equipment resistance to earthquakes and power constraints. These include GDC one one, one four, one fourteen and one thirty.
Although nominally present, such generic standards, which have not been elaborated, are virtually unenforceable. As the nuclear industry matures, the seismic design and analysis of nuclear power plant equipment becomes clear, and these GDCS proposed by all industrial departments have a place in today's seismic design control valve improvements. The nuclear regulatory commission (NRC) issued the "standard test protocol" and "standard regulatory guidance." Industry organizations have also issued a set of regulations and standards known as "NRC" requirements. Architects and utilities are also issuing regulations that specify requirements for standards regulation, standard inspection programs, and permit applications. At last. The manufacturer of the control valve has improved the structural design of the product to meet the limits of industrial seismic resistance.

The above: Analysis on improvement of seismic resistant structure of control valve in nuclear power plant

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