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Introduction to proportional valve

Introduction to proportional valve

With the development of hydraulic transmission and hydraulic servo system, some hydraulic systems that require continuous control of pressure, flow and direction, and do not require high control accuracy, have appeared in production practice. Due to the ordinary hydraulic components can not fully have certain servo requirements, and the use of electro-hydraulic servo valve due to the control accuracy requirements are not high and too wasteful, because of this in recent years produced between the ordinary hydraulic components (switch control) and servo valve (continuous control) proportional control valve.
Electro-hydraulic proportional control valve (referred to as proportional valve) is in essence a cheap, anti - pollution performance of better electro-hydraulic control valve. The development of proportional valve experienced two ways, one is to use proportional electromagnet to replace the traditional hydraulic valve manual adjustment input mechanism, based on the traditional hydraulic valve: developed a variety of proportional direction, pressure and flow valve; Second, some former electro-hydraulic servo valve manufacturers in the foundation of electro-hydraulic servo valve, reduce the design and manufacturing accuracy after the development.

The above:What role does the hydraulic system check valve have?

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